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07 July, 2016

When one does business in a foreign place, usually you combine it with pleasure, given the chance. That has always been a privilege given to people who can combine both... Read more


15 December, 2015

More than a month ago, I chanced upon on television the first presidential debate of the Democrat Party for the 2016 US Elections. Aside from the candidates’ conscious effort to... Read more

P.I. KA!: The power of and indignity in profanity

11 December, 2015

Profanity in our native language isn't new to our ears. Neither is it pleasing to our ears. Nevertheless, the general public has become more receptive to hearing it once in... Read more

This is PNoy's Legacy

14 August, 2015

It has been only just a few months when I was still referring to myself as a “future media practitioner” and writing post-SONA essays was a chore. Read more

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But as a man who never takes anything as a loss, Gordon has kept his fire and has moved on – still a public servant through his role in the Red Cross and as a husband, father and grandfather who now has more time with his family.

Matagal nang tapos ang Batas Militar. Tinanong tayo noon: “Kung hindi tayo, sino pa?” at “Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?” Ang nagkakaisang tugon natin: tayo at ngayon na.

It circulated in the news that President Aquino will endorse his bet after his last SONA. The endorsement happened in a very historic venue for the Yellow army. The Club Filipino Kalayaan Hall served as the venue for Former President Cory Aquino’s Inauguration.

In Getting Rody for Change: The Philippines in a New Political Landscape, experts from the fields of investments, electoral reform, political strategy, forensic neuroscience, political science, and Mindanao autonomy gathered to discuss the different facets of President Rodrigo Duterte and his administration.