LEADERS and sectoral groups have been calling for a change in the 1987 Constitution. Initially, the call was to amend the economic provisions and ease foreign ownership in key industries prohibited by the Constitution.

THERE is not much noise (cheers or boos) when PRRD signed the executive order on the Freedom of Information (FOI) morning last Sunday. There was not much fanfare.

More than a month ago, I chanced upon on television the first presidential debate of the Democrat Party for the 2016 US Elections. Aside from the candidates’ conscious effort to attack their opponents merely on positions in various issues and platforms

It has been only just a few months when I was still referring to myself as a “future media practitioner” and writing post-SONA essays was a chore.

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But as a man who never takes anything as a loss, Gordon has kept his fire and has moved on – still a public servant through his role in the Red Cross and as a husband, father and grandfather who now has more time with his family.

Section 27 Article VI of the 1987 Constitution stipulates that to become laws, enrolled bills or those passed by both the House of Representatives and the Senate are submitted first to the President for his approval and signature. The President’s veto should be expressed within 30 days after the receipt of the Congress’ final version; otherwise, the bill automatically becomes a law.

Sen. Leila De Lima on Monday expressed concern on the rising number of extrajudicial killing incidents in the course of the administration’s anti-drug war.

One of the most pressing issues of this new administration is the President's proposal to change the government system into federal-parliamentary. During his campaign the president called federalism "the centerpiece of my campaign", believing that it is high time for the Philippines to adopt a new form of government.