The South China Sea can be best described as a trouble-filled paradise. It possesses assets such as rich fishing grounds being enjoyed by people from the countries surrounding it for generations, beautiful tourism-worthy chains of islands and reefs that generate revenue and employment, and potential oil and natural gas reserves that can be tapped by countries around it for their economic well-being. However, it is these same assets that form the main reason for the diverse and complex territorial disputes involving Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

For a 98 percent predominantly Catholic country, we seem to be at odds with the current leadership just because some do not like him physically, detest his presidential style and speech, wardrobe, demeanor and what have you. Some would pray to high heavens that he passes away on the whiff of a story, rumor, innuendo about his temporary inability to face the public for a nationwide address that is ill-prepared and badly edited. Or that he fails in handling a once-in-a-lifetime curve ball which is Covid-19.

PACC Chairman Belgica emphasized and reiterated the urgent need to give flesh and action to President Duterte’s pronouncements on various occasions that he is dedicating his remaining months in office on two things: (1) combating corruption and (2) eliminating bureaucratic red tape. 

It's time to divide the house between optimists and negatives. What type do you want to be identified with? Your choice!

Can potential candidates for the presidency measure up to the following traits: brave, love for the Philippines, concern for Filipinos, responsible/fulfills sworn duties and sincere? If so, then voters are looking for someone like the incumbent who has a 65 percent approval rating and 55 percent trust in this quarter. 

We need citizen engagement and private sector participation in the fight against COVID-19. This is a tried and tested formula in crisis situations.

We are now on “ECQ, Season Two,” and it is up to us if we want another round of tough community quarantine classifications and lockdowns to be enforced or we are going move towards re-open of the economy and going on with lives safely by following basic health and safety protocols, and by being responsible for ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

The Philippines recently celebrated the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christianity in the country this year. Almost at the same time, the country experienced a sharp increase in infections and deaths due to relaxed policies and complacency.  

The mayor of Manila is being egged on by several people to run in May 2022 for the top position. Why would Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso jump into the fire? When a second mayoral term is his for the taking with what he has accomplished in his first term, why would he leave the capital? When the reforms have not taken root and sustainability is a real concern, why would Domagoso leave Manileños? Is it because as president, he can do more?