The tingi mentality allows us to think small and build small. Anything that crosses the imagination is a wild tale, and a project that goes beyond a billion is mind boggling for others. Immediately, we attach our tingi mindset, “Sinong yumaman? Ilan sa korapsyon?” Is this the reason we continually fail to rise?

House Bill No. 4664 is the package three of the CTRP which aims to introduce vital reforms to promote the development of a just, equitable, and efficient real property valuation system. The reforms are also expected to foster private investors’ confidence, and build the public’s trust in the valuations of government.

The "worse than a war zone" description of the Philippines made by Ressa through CBS News is nothing but fictional. A work of fiction that has the intention of putting down the Philippines and undermining the will of the majority of Filipinos and the duly-elected government of President Duterte. 

We have to break the dugyot mentality if we are to break the cycle of poverty. But first we must agree with the proposition that one has to care more in order to understand more.

Tzu Chi Foundation is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world known for disaster relief and community volunteerism. As part of its gratitude to all members, volunteers and donors for their incomparable contributions and dedication in helping Filipino communities, Tzu Chi Foundation will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary this coming November 8, 2019.

The political noise was up several decibels in the past two weeks as the President floated the idea of appointing the opposition's most ardent critic to the head the Inter-Agency Committee on Illegal Drugs. As The titular head of the opposition, Vice-President Leni Robredo has been at the forefront calling for an end to the killings of drug suspects. 

Despite the presence of several versions of the federalism proposal, the 18th Congress will not move in the direction of federalism. Shifting to federal is not easy but we need to imbibe the mindset that allows reforms to be pursued.

About 72 percent of adults reported reading the Bible; 53 percent picture books; 52 percent short stories, 48 percent romance novels, and 48 percent newspapers and reference materials. Moreover, books are prohibitive to many.

Water rationing has been announced again in Metro Manila. The root of the problems being faced by Metro Manila's residents today can be traced back to the 1976 Metro Manila Development Plan being junked for no valid reason other than that it was the brainchild of Marcos' technocrats.

The Duterte administration has shown enormous political will to get things done, from every crisis to every solution considered and rolled out. Some say government should deal with every crisis but we know from our history that the private sector should lead the offensive and government should provide the environment, the very ecosystem to respond to it. The public sector should be nimble, it should be lean and mean and go to things in a market failure scenario and lead the transition to a platform economy.

Loyalty games are a unique experience for a Lasallian and an Iskolar ng Bayan like myself because they are only times when we not only sing UP Naming Mahal and the La Salle Alma Mater Hymn in one game but also feel the intensity of the school spirit that both La Salle and UP Have.