Three key competencies paramount to public managers in times of crisis are “managing stakeholders, political masters and collaborative networks.” In short, local bureaucracies need to move and will have to be anticipatory in orientation; similar to crisis management.

This recurring behavior among consumers has prompted lawmakers to file House Bill 7805 or the Internet Transactions Act which aims to impose sanctions and still penalties against pranksters, practical jokers and other persons for victimizing food delivery service crew and riders.

The PBA Bubble is an attempt by the league to provide sports-entertainment to the basketball-adoring public. It is also sports' contribution to restoring faith and confidence among our people that we're on our way to the new normal. 

Covid-19 is teaching us to care more and count our blessings more. It is also teaching us to go back to the practices of the generation of our parents: to help one another, take care of each other and nurture one another.

The Rice Tariffication Law initially worked as planned. From a high of five percent or more, the inflation rate now averages to between to two to three percent, primarily due to the prices and supply of food, especially rice, being stabilized. The new law also gave consumers enhanced access to relatively affordable retail prices of rice.

The shift to blended learning can also be overburdening to some students. It is unfortunate that several incidents of suicide committed by students have been reported due to the financial pressures brought about by increased electronic and logistical requirements for the blending learning scheme, and the pressure to participate in online classes. 

“The fact that the President has full trust and confidence in me is a rare find between boss and subordinate relationship. I promise to myself to repay this warm gesture with integrity in the forefront of my office,” Sec. Duque on PRRD's support towards him. 

What we have today are severely fragmented and damaged political institutions. Initiatives for Constitutional Reform by key personalities from the administration are imbued with persona interest rather than genuine intent to reform our system. 

One thing is clear, Duterte has never been for the status quo. He disrupts, sometimes badly communicated, but he makes sure errors of the past are corrected or at the minimum, highlighted so Filipinos see the difference. Duterte showed to all what political will can mean to a country like the Philippines.