COVID-19 has shackled economies, healthcare systems, welfare programs and social balances. Science is at the forefront of solutions while governments attempt to contain widespread infection. While we trust that the cure is on the way, changing our lifestyle and the way we do things has become a must more than an option. 

Marcos has drawn up an emergency package of almost P750 billion called Pag-ASA: Alaga, Sustento at Pag-Angat, which seeks immediate and sustained protection of health workers, provision of food and cash aid for marginalized communities, and stimulus packages to badly hit industries employing millions of workers.

The Philippines and the rest of the world is suddenly facing an unseen enemy and dealing with a situation full of uncertainties. It is not just about containing the spread of the disease and finding a vaccine. It is now about humanity fighting for its survival.

As rates of COVID-19 local transmission cases remain at a sharp upward trajectory, PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. has released a competitive intelligence report that examines various data on COVID-19 cases and assesses the Philippines' available resources and capability in fighting COVID-19. The report proposes various recommendations that can aid the government in its pursuit of flattening the curve.

The Filipino spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation or "Bayanihan" is much needed in this time of crisis. The challenge today is not the traditional lending of a hand for a family moving into a new place, but to ensure neighborhoods and communities stay put and quarantined if necessary. The challenge today is to stay calm but alert; dispel panic and promote positivity.

Homing in is a way to reconnect with families and communities. We might well get out of this global challenge with stronger communities and a world that talks to all because we share information in a very transparent way and governments are accountable for the actions they take. In the end, humanity will find its way home. 

Government agencies foresee huge economic losses in the wake of COVID-19, with GDP growth poised to drop between 0.5 to 1%, and an expected breach in the projected budget deficit at around 3.4%. 

The Philippines can't afford to waste any more time on reforms because it risks again being labeled as the sick man of Asia. Vietnam is next in line to become the factory to the world as China becomes more prosperous and wages continue their upward trajectory. It is high time we do away with the practice of being our own worst enemy.