Why do Filipinos who have the means to do prefer to buy a car instead of riding a bus, jeepney and UV Express shuttle van? Why would some prefer to pay more for Grab service instead of taking a bus, jeepney and UV Express shuttle van? It is because of the glaring absence of an effective, efficient and safe public transport system in the Philippines.

The re-imposition of capital punishment is again a hot topic. We need a new body of laws that looks at modern crimes in a new light.  

The theme for 2019 focuses on "transforming education" to make education more accessible and inclusive for all willing and able youth. Steps have been taken by the government in recent years to ensure quality and accessible education for all Filipinos. 

Grab has opened up its app services to taxi drivers who can sign up upon verification of their identity and residential address for the safety of passengers. It has also introduced a new feature called Ride Share during peak commuting hours to maximize the income of its partners. 

Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII) officers donated 700 new public school buildings for rural areas in the Philippines. This is in line with their civic project known as 'Operation barrio Schools". 

The country is again at a crucial juncture in its history. It cannot afford to waste this opportunity at moving forward by finally being rid of the Marcos-Aquino narrative which has divided it since 1986. The time has come for a Philippines narrative that prioritizes the national interest over those of the few who rule over politics and the economy. 

The President's move to suspend all the gaming activities of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) came as a surprise to everyone. PCSO officials said that they would adhere to the President's orders while they appeal to him to let the agency continue its operations as an investigation is being conducted.

New mayors Isko Moreno, Vico Sotto, and Francis Zamora demonstrate strong political will that their predecessors didn’t seem to have, and to achieve popular goals that earlier leaders promised but failed to achieve. Their style of millennial leadership should be replicated in other localities.  

"I know you are all concerned about the situation in the South China Sea. I would like to say a few words. The South China Sea issue is not something we have today. It’s being part of the history. But over the four or five decades in the past, China is firm with adhering to the policy of peaceful settlement. And this policy will remain and will continue. Despite the differences we have, we are ready to discuss with claimant states over the differences we have. We always believe dialogue is much better than confrontation." - Amb. Zhao Jianhua take on the South China Sea issue during his speech for the 92nd Anniversary of People's Liberation Army.

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