One of the first theories discussed during freshman political science courses is ‘politics as the art of compromise’. Cliché as it may be, LGBT+ rights activists must take this aphorism to heart if they wish to accomplish their ultimate aim of establishing legal protection mechanisms for the rights of LGBT+ individuals. At this point, the only realistic option for LGBT+ rights advocates is to abandon the SOGIE Bill and realign their lobbying efforts towards the passage of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation which includes LGBT+ persons under its umbrella of protections.

In the SOLGEN’s prayer, they asked the Court to “Clarify and include in the dispositive that the LGUs would start receiving the adjusted IRA in 2022.” The SOLGEN, thus, admits in its Prayer that the Court has, in fact, not included in its final dispositive ruling that its decision will be implemented only in 2022.  

Despite the government effort to provide the public with affordable means of transport in the form of modernized jeepneys, the likes of PISTON continue to being the obstructionists and opportunists that they are. They would rather let members of the commuting public continue to ride at their unsafe jeepneys while they rake in profit. 

Ours is not a democratic utopia; ours is an evolving democracy defined by our history and our sense of self. We cannot be defined by others for the collective authorship is not theirs to make. We cannot be framed by misinformation because by doing so, they change our shared vision. It is our shared responsibility to stand against the lies and the half-truths as it is also our responsibility to acknowledge the missed opportunities, moving forward.

Flakiness also arises due to the widening range of options available to people. Higher incomes and more mobility allow people to pick among events to attend, and millennials usually choose the flashier one for fear of missing out (FOMO).

The Supreme Court has denied the SOLGEN’s Motion for reconsideration and has issued its ‘Entry of Final Judgment’ stating therein that its July 3, 2018 en banc decision has already “lapsed into finality” on June 10, 2019. The Court also denied the LGUs’ claim for payment on the “IRA arrears” for the period 1991 to June 10, 2019.

Energy security is essential for economic growth specially in the Philippine setting due to its dependence on imported oil. The economy is largely consumption-driven which makes it extremely vulnerable to price shocks because of the possibility of high inflation that slows down consumption and the economy consequently. 

What is Iskology? Simply put, it is the study of Isko Moreno and his style of leadership or common sense in action. It is enforcing the law and picking low-hanging fruit as he creates political capital to sustain governance in the first six months of his three-year term under the budget of the previous dispensation.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is where Metro Manila and its suburbs are into with the worsening transport-related problems that they are facing. It is time for the Filipino people to support President Duterte in this uphill battle to relieve the metropolis from its traffic jam problems and build a real public transport system that everybody can use.

Imperial Manila has lorded over the entire affairs of the nation. Elected and appointed leaders see development in the prism of Manila looking outward and determining what is good, what is bad; what is to be shared, what remains in their hold; local leaders being beggars than builders of their locality and thus, dreaming remains in the realm of wishful thinking than actually steering in one direction.

The amendment of Public Service Act (PSA) seeks to improve the quality of public services and lower its costs by providing clarity to the definition of "public utility" in the law, limiting the term exclusively to public services that are natural monopolies, making other forms of public services unbound by constitutional restrictions on foreign investment, and ensuring its effective enforcement through increased penalties among others. 

Traffic congestion is only one of the serious problems dogging Metro Manila. There are also the illegal settlers, waste management, water supply, land use, heritage conservation and the lack of a long-term development plan where road and transport infrastructure is built in anticipation of increased demand and not when the existing cannot meet the demand.