Hoteliers and other tourism industry stakeholders gathered at the Asia CEO Tourism Forum to discuss the current state of tourism in the country, as well as various topics that include global tourism trends and competitiveness, innovative tourism activities and best practices that are geared toward achieving sustainable tourism.

In both Constitutional provisions, there is no mention of the exclusion of special accounts from the determination of the internal revenue base for the IRA.

If President Duterte is really the "tyrannical, diabolical, fascist and misogynist devil" that is "a threat to democracy" thenee how can his opponents openly describe him in such fashion and even heckle him while delivering a speech?

The Healthy Cities Initiatives should be revived. Intersectoral action in urban health should also be strengthened.

So what chances do we have against these “PURSE-HOLDERS” under a unitary government?

The government has allocated P8.2B for the Local Government Support Fund to aid eligible provinces in their road and bridge repair, rehabilitation improvement projects.

In pre-globalization times, people were attracted to cities for the wealth of connections they offered in terms of social, cultural, intellectual, financial and other services.

LGUs have always been at the mercy of the DBCC’s “PURSEpective.”

There are no big or small roles in as far as ensuring that the students’ return to classes becomes as smoothly as possible.