Why are we still experiencing a water crisis in the east part of Metro Manila? 

As the holy week approaches, the holy mass must not be used as a venue for priests/bishops to air their political grievances. The church must continue to protect the sanctity of human life.

As soon as the students step out from their school, It'll mark the commencement of their duties and responsibilities to a bigger society. 

The Philippines is on the hands of the Filipino voters with only just a few days before the National and Local midterm elections. Is it time to change the same old system of the Philippine Government?

Urbanization has sped away while urbanity has barely kept pace. We do need an urbanity movement, for as James Norman Hall has noted, “When urbanity decays, civilization suffers and decays with it.”

Over 30 years have passed, but still, cronyism remains in the Philippine Government. Nothing has changed as reforms haven't been institutionalized through legislation. Any reforms made has been embodied by the crony class of oligarchs.

When could be the Philippines have its infrastructure development plan, especially now that Filipinos are facing a water crisis?

Do we Filipinos are now swimming in Chinese loans? 

The difference between coalition and political parties in the Philippine Elections.

Public debates provide the electorate with sufficient information that allows them to exercise an informed political choice.

Through rice tariffication, the government will be able to finally address the need to modernize Philippine rice agriculture, and bring long overdue economic growth and development to rural communities.