Pacquiao is the Philippines’ pride. Apart from Pacman, PRRD is also a bunny rabbit. He keeps going and going and going. Despite all the insults and lack of appreciation of the things he has done in the past three years, he just keeps on bouncing and moving, which should be the right attitude since there is much work to be done.  

Because of the changing circumstances on policy formulation, there are promises of President Duterte's during the campaign trail that are ongoing because of these issues' complexity. With that said, the administration has been taking these promises seriously by presenting step-by-step solutions to these challenges. There are 11 of these issues

"To reiterate the vow that I made when I first took this post, we will continue to nourish the trust and confidence that our country has bestowed on us by ensuring that this Senate will remain cooperative but independent, balanced, transparent and sincere." - Sen. Tito Sotto

Sana po ako'y maging worthy at sana po ay tulungan niyo ako para sa loob ng 15 na buwan ay mapagsilbihan po natin ang ating mga kababayang mabuti at lahat po ng nasa legislative agenda, ubusin na natin at ipasa na natin dahil mas magandang magawa na natin ito kaagad. 

Here are the campaign promises of PRRD that he had been able to fulfill within his three years in office. Six of these are signed by law, four through executive orders, one through a Supreme Court decision and one through presidential pardon.

For many years, commuters have been demanding from the government to work on creating a real public transport system not only for Metro Manila but also for the entire country. It is for this reason that the Duterte administration is embarking on two major programs to create the dream public transport network for the Philippines- “Build! Build! Build!,” which aims to construct more rail-based mass transport systems, and the jeepney fleet modernization program.

There is no stability, predictability, and sustainability in the three-year term of the bigger chamber. The Speaker has to be first among equals, has to be the stabilizing force, and has to crack the whip and push the legislative agenda of President Rodrigo Duterte.

UHC is a daunting challenge if PhilHealth itself is not reformed. Policy reform has moved ahead of systems reform. Health insurance is essentially about systems: membership eligibility, provider accreditation, provider payment, and quality assurance. 

Redemption is atonement but if a politician does not see it as such and merely spins it for purposes of repositioning and marketing his brand, what is there to redeem? We have seen politicians come and go and there are really good ones who, after a stint, decide to leave politics. And still there are those who will continue to try believing they can do better or do more.

The Philippines still needs to address the core issues affecting the economy; poor agricultural productivity, the absence of an export manufacturing base and the low level of foreign direct investment. The issues related to these are the continuing corruption in the bureaucracy, the high cost of power and labor, labor militancy and the protectionist provisions in the economy which benefit the oligarchs.

Citizens participation and activism are critical components of the law-making process. Several lawmakers have already filed their priority bills they need to champion three weeks before the opening of the 18th Congress.