In a joint report by the WEF and Asian Development Bank based on the International Labor Organization’s estimates, 56 percent of jobs in five Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, are at high risk of automation in the next few decades. Legacy countries need to avoid getting squeezed between more advanced leading countries, which can offer more advanced manufacturing, and nascent countries that can offer lower cost labor. 

In the case of PhilHealth, fraud can arise from ghost patients, upcoding or upcasing, and over-admission. The costs of these different types of fraud have not been calculated, but they run in the hundreds of millions a year. 

The Duterte administration has managed to exceed expectations about its performance at governance and fiscal and economic policy but PRRD's work is not done yet as he mentioned during the election campaign. There is still the need to amend the Constitution in terms of the political structure and its economic provisions which continue to hinder the country's progress

The Philippines remains the third most vulnerable country to risks and hazards brought about by disasters according to Work Risk Rankings for 2018. But still, the Philippine government has continuously underinvested in disaster management. 

In 2016, Duterte threw away the existing campaign playbook. After 2019, he wrote the rules of campaigning with a lot of shadow boxing and double talk. Those unable to decipher were left at the starting gates and those whose hubris flew high, ate humble pie.

The incident occurred at Reed Bank is, indeed, a tough time for the Philippines and the Filipino people. President Duterte remained calm several days after the incident since one wrong move can cause significant damage to the country and its people.

Several top international policy experts assessed the current situation in the Recto Bank fishing incident. With any other relationship with other countries, this Sino-Philippines relationship will meet challenges as it matures.

The hypocrisy of the Opposition was shown again when reports about a Chinese fishing vessel ramming a Filipino fishing boat went viral. They are targeting President Duterte for his silence on the issue.

The impact of workplace accidents can be lessened if proper occupational safety and health measures are implemented. RA No. 11058 or The Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Standards Act provides policy measures to promote a safe and healthful working environment for all employees.

The Philippines has been having automated elections since 2010 and the only thing that Comelec releases are gender and age. Electoral history analysis cannot be made because there is no effort on the part of some people at the Comelec to actually close the record every election.