It was indeed the best of times for the Duterte administration’s senatorial slate, just as it was the worst of times for the opposition’s Otso Diretso. 

Can the Opposition achieve their success this 2019 Midterm Elections especially that they are betting on the youth and millennial votes to propel them to victory?

We are still in 2019 but possible names as presidential candidates for the 2022 elections have been appearing. It may not be wise to declare as early as this year, sending feelers to the voting public may be necessary for increased voter recall and awareness.

In reality, there are really no ideal or perfect candidates out there in the field. What we are left with are choices--- choices that we must select from. 

The upcoming midterm elections are an example of the politics of emotions in the Philippines. 

How do we correct the “tragedy of voting for the familiar” and the “regression to the mediocre” in the Senate?

Preparation is a critical component of the path of survival. Otherwise, we are leaving the fate of our lives entirely out of our hands.

CEBU: Down to the last 20 days and national candidates will have to put in more last-minute strategy, for some to go over the top, while the rest will need cement to latch on to that slot or rank and hold on as strong winds try to unseat them with the final offensive.

Reading political plays is not mere speculation. Reading and interpreting political plays are both a science and an art. 

Regardless of the results of the 2019 midterm elections, Rodrigo Duterte should now look forward to building his legacy as the President of the Philippines by fulfilling most or, if not, all of the promises that he made in 2016.

Why are we still experiencing a water crisis in the east part of Metro Manila? 

As the holy week approaches, the holy mass must not be used as a venue for priests/bishops to air their political grievances. The church must continue to protect the sanctity of human life.