It is important for us to realize that the ascension to power of President Duterte is brought about by the evolving expectations of Filipinos on their leaders.

Mixing politics with sports is a bad and awful mix that lead to ugly results.

While social health insurance financing as well as government budgets have increased, efforts to improve technical efficiency and curb medical inflation through HTA have lagged behind.

We urgently need to redistribute wealth to all parts of the country so that services are equally delivered even in the far-flung areas now!

Today, 3 December 2018, marks the first Monday of the Christmas month. Many of our countrymen/women are expected to flock shopping malls, boutiques and bazaars in the forthcoming days. Company Christmas parties will also be celebrated at different events places, bars and small restaurants in the ensuing days and weeks to come.

“We are disturbed and disappointed by the House of Representatives committee on ways and means approved rate on tobacco tax. The marginal rate increase will not only increase the number of smokers by 200,000 each year. It will likewise translate to 2,000 yearly deaths from purely tobacco-related ailments.”

The battle over orthography is not going away soon.