We have missed the boat and the remaining years of the Duterte administration is very tight to get electoral and political reforms done.

If the Philippines is ever to achieve its full potential, the basic requisite is the adherence to the rule of law and its equal enforcement.

The policy failure on agriculture is a result of administrations between those of Ferdinand Marcos and of Rodrigo Duterte ignoring the role being played by the agriculture and fisheries sector in ensuring food security, price stability and national economic development.

Many policy and implementation reforms are desired in the ROTC Program.

Who will be the “smart” candidate or candidates would be interesting to watch since that will be reflected in the pre-campaign surveys.

The Philippines needs to become competitive in the global arena if Filipinos are to benefit from the changes coming about.

Conducting a decent and respectable electoral campaign is expensive.

If there is one good thing that came out from the start of the Manila Bay rehabilitation project, that would be the new meaning for "people power."