The latest draft is an improvement over the Con-Com but it still falls short of the parameters set by the President because it doesn't even have a provision for the proposed federal regions

The New Year typically represents renewed hope for a better quality of life amongst many of us.

I am more than convinced that the political will and resolve of President Duterte and his administration will make the "Boracay story" possible on Laguna de Bay.

Climate-smart health care refers to a set of interventions that bring together climate-change and disaster-risk mitigation efforts

2018 was a good year. 2019 will definitely a better year. 

Curation promises that "less is more."

The government should seize the opportunity with the implementation of the national ID system to design an information and communications framework for the interconnection of government departments and agencies from the national to the local level to include the LGUs.

Is People’s Initiative even legal?  YES!  Sec. 21, Article XVII of the 1987 Constitution guarantees the right of the people to amend it.  And although said provision is not self-executory, Congress passed an enabling law, RA 67352 in 1989.  Otherwise, if up to now there is still no enabling law after 31 years, then Congress has continuously been terribly remiss in complying with this Constitutional mandate to provide for the implementation of the right of the people to initiate amendments to the so-called “People Power Charter” wherein the sovereign will of the people is supreme as enshrined it the Preamble itself!  Even in the hierarchy of the three ways provided under ‘Amendments or Revisions’, people’s initiative is the supreme mode than through a constituent assembly or constitutional convention.

It is important for us to realize that the ascension to power of President Duterte is brought about by the evolving expectations of Filipinos on their leaders.

Mixing politics with sports is a bad and awful mix that lead to ugly results.