Testing, key to victory against COVID-19, says Gordon

Senator Richard Gordon praised the efforts by Metro Manila LGUs to conduct COVID-19 testing among their constituents.

Also sitting as Chairperson of the Philippine Red Cross, Sen. Gordon commended Metro Manila LGUs for taking action to have their constituents tested for COVID-19.

The Philippine Red Cross continues to expands its testing capacities after opening two testing centers that could test up to 8,000 samples per day. Sen. Gordon said that with the continued partnership with LGUs, the Philppine Red Cross aims to test up to 20,000 samples per day by opening testing centers in Manila, Pampanga, Batangas, and Laguna.

Sen. Gordon reported that Metro Manila LGUs have signed agreements with the Philippine Red Cross for the testing and analysis of suspected COVID-19 cases. The agency’s data show that as of May 3: 1,621 test were conducted for Mandaluyong; 1,134 tests for Makati; 921 for Caloocan; 832 for Pasay; 342 for Las Pinas; 308 for Paranaque; and 76 for Navotas.

According to Sen. Gordon, “Testing is the key and I commend the mayors who are ensuring that their constituents are tested. I call on the LGUs to test more people, because the more people are tested, the faster the enemy will be unmasked".

Various efforts are also underway in different LGUs across Metro Manila together with partners from the private and public sector.

The Department of Health has recently opened a mega swabbing center in the City of Manila and aims to open three more over the coming weeks.

Close to 120,000 individual COVID-19 tests were reported by the DOH as of May 4, 2020.


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