Limit on election spending, approved by House

Approved on its third and final reading, a bill that amends the cap on election spending has been approved by the House of Representatives last June 1, 2020.


From a consolidation of six separate bills, House Bill No. 6095 has been approved at the House of Representatives which set provisions to amend Section 13 of Republic Act No. 7166 or the Synchronized National and Local Elections Law.

Among the authors of the bill are Rep. Jocelyn Fortuno; Rep. Henry Oaminal; Rep. Lorna Silverio; and Rep. Johnny Pimentel.

Under the revisions to the said law are the increased expenditures per voter for national and local positions. An increase of 500% allows candidates for the presidential and vice presidential to spend up to Php 50.00 from the previous Php 10.00. On the other hand, positions at the local level have been increased to Php 30.00 from Php 3.00, an increase of 1000%.

The bill also authorizes the Commission on Elections to adjust campaign spending every six years based on the country’s inflation rate and consumer price index.

According to House Committee on Suffrage and Electoral Reforms Chairperson Rep. Juliet Ferrer, the bill would encourage candidates to declare their true and actual election campaign expenses.

Penalties for the violations of under-reporting of campaign expenditures include the perpetual disqualification to run for public office. 



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