Plasma banks eyed for PH hospitals

Senator Marcos cited clinical trials on the use of plasma as a treatment for COVID-19 in her proposal on the creation of plasma banks.

Senator Imee Marcos has filed Senate Bill No. 1648, or the Plasma Donation and Collection Act, which aims to collect plasma from donors to create a steady reserve should patients need transfusion.

In addition, Sen. Marcos also said that based on medical studies, plasma has been seen as a possible treatment for infections such as from COVID-19. Given that mutations have been documented, the creation of plasma banks would help patients gain access to such treatment when needed.

"There is hope in the use of plasma as a possible treatment for COVID-19, with clinical trials now being conducted by the PGH (Philippine General Hospital). The World Health Organization also sanctioned the use of plasma in other pandemics like the Ebola outbreak in Africa," the Senator said.


When passed into legislation, Senator Marcos said that the illegal trade of blood plasma would be dismantled. The Senator referred to cases in Central Visayas where trade of blood plasma has been reported.


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