Senator Imee Marcos calls on DOLE to resolve status of floating employees

The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) should require employers to act on the status of employees on floating status within 30 days as recommended by Sen. Imee Marcos.

"Despite the good intentions to preserve employment while helping businesses in distress, the DOLE advisories were made in haste and lacked thorough review. They failed to take into account the temporary nature of ECQ, GCQ, et cetera," Marcos said as she referred to an earlier advisory posted by the department regarding guidelines during the community quarantine.

"There is no more reason to put employees on floating status because we are now under GCQ in Metro Manila, where most call centers are located. The business process outsourcing sector was already allowed to operate at full capacity even under a stricter quarantine level," the Senator cited.

Senator Marcos insisted that time lost by employees while waiting could have been spent on looking for other work alternatives and source of income.

"This would make for a labor advisory that is fair to all because it clarifies the status of both employee and employer. Employees will be informed of their work status at the soonest possible time, while companies can avail of a remedy to cut losses,” she said.


Complaints from various sectors have reached Sen. Marcos’ office, who sits as the chairperson for Economic Affairs. Call center employees and persons with disability have asked the Senator to act on the issue.


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