Congress to go for Con-Ass

Is charter change coming?

The House of Representatives finally submitted a committee report to the committee on rules endorsing the amendment of the 1987 Constitution through a Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass), months after deliberating different house bills and committee hearings. Rep. Roger G. Mercado, chairman of the House committee on constitutional amendment, said  the committee have already decided to use measures of con-ass in amending the constitution. They will no longer hold public consultation, instead they will focus more on information dissemination on federalism: the advantages and disadvantages, the costs and benefits, and the regulatory environment of a federal system.

Rep. Mercado also said that through the course of discussion they have consulted and invited specialist and legal luminaries, executives of business organizations, NGOs, local government leagues, professors from different academic institutions, and former Constitutional Convention delegates.

As of writing time, the HoR has already developed a framework in the Constitution that will give more power to the regions and local government units; and drafted  measures that will ease poverty, criminality, and environmental destruction.

Plenary discussion on the House will officially start on May after congress recess.

Source: House of Representatives

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