Congress ratifies bill extending driver's license validity to 5 years

Both houses of Congress have ratified the bicam report on 5-year driver's license validity

The House of Representatives ratified the bicameral committee report on the measure seeking to extend the validity of drivers' licenses from three years to five years, grants responsible drivers without any violation a 10-year validity, and penalizes prohibited acts attendant to the issuance of the license. This after the Senate approved for third and final reading its own version of the bill.

The measure will be forwarded to Malacañang for the President's signature.

The enactment of the measure is necessary to amend the present law and institutionalize such policy since Administrative Order No. 2016-34 issued by the Land Transportation Office that prescribes five-year validity for drivers' licenses cannot amend the law.

Upon effectivity of the measure, the validity of a driver's license will not just be extended from three years to five years, but those without infractions during those five years may also be granted a 10-year license upon renewal.

The bill also seeks to streamline government transactions and address public complaints regarding renewal of licenses such as shortages of plastic cards, and legal issues surrounding the cards’ procurement, among others.

Furthermore, professional drivers' tests must be appropriate to the type of vehicle and type of service the applicant intends to operate.

Under the bill, a fine in the amount of PHP200,000 is imposed upon a driver's license applicant found to have willful misrepresentation; connivance with the issuing officer; falsified documents; and cheated during the examination.

The measure is aligned with President Rodrigo Duterte's directive to expedite the processes to address and lessen irregularities still persisting during application or renewal of licenses at the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

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