"It is time to have a closer look at workings of the Caloocan City Police Department, since these two killings took place in that jurisdiction."

"Life goes on, and one hopes, it won’t be too long when these people are out of the camps."

"If you want to know your state of health, get a good diagnosis, instead of being afraid of the medicine."

 "Both fake news and humor employ verisimilitude to make it appear that the event, person, or thing they describe is as real as possible."

"What these critics missed is that geopolitics trumps geography, that while geography is fixed,  geopolitics is not"

Government programs and policies often have hidden, unanticipated, or unintended consequences beyond what the interventions were originally intended for.

Moralists tend to raise ethical standards when their political enemies are concerned, but disregard them when it is their allies’ turn.

 There is an essential and legal difference between Customers and Guests