"Specialfunds, special accounts and the COA share should not be deducted prior to thecomputation of the mandated LGUs’ 40% IRA share."

How can we resolve this lopsided economic development in the Philippines under a Federal set-up?

One of the short-term strategies being pursued by the Leagues to increase the funds of LGUs under the Fund Augmentation Reforms is to push for the rightful computation of the IRA by the Executive branch.   No laws need to be amended here but rather just the right implementation of existing laws.

"We are optimistic that under President Duterte’s fiscal policy, the LGUs’ share in our national budget should increase for the localization and implementation of his Philippine Development Plan..."

How far can ‘FAR’ go for LGUs? 

Financial Reform is essential for development and real change to happen.

 Business as Usual

"The great thing about functional metropolitan planning is that it allows greater coordination and implementation of vital national, regional and local programs."

What does this tongue-twisting 19-letter word mean? What is its significance and what key role will it play here in our country?