It’s already the last week of March.  By this time, deadlines have been set for the payment of taxes. About 65% of LGUs’ tax revenues are collected during the first quarter of the year – the period where most of the income comes in!

Will UMRA be a solution to the unwarranted strain on the fiscal position of LGUs?

Cities dominate 69% of the local income leaving 13% for Provinces and 18% for Municipalities. Why?

Is it time to amend the Local Government Code?

The IRA dependency of LGUs remains to be one of the main issues LGU-Leagues are facing, more so now that Congress is considering amending the 1991 Local Government Code (again).

The passage of the 1991 local government code institutionalized the Leagues as a forum to articulate issues affecting the LGUs and to provide and propose solutions to these concerns.

The Leagues of LGUs play a vital role in protecting the rights of LGUs