The Underlying Motives of Impeachment Cases (Part 2)

"Let history also remind us that popular opinion and sentiment has often prevailed over the impeachment process in removing non-performing public officials from public office"

Continuation of The Underlying Motives of Impeachment Cases (Part 1)

The impeachment process has also been used as a vehicle for certain figures and personalities to catapult themselves into political relevance. At many times in the countries recent history as far as the filing of impeachment cases are concerned, a certain lawyer has always been at the forefront of filing impeachment cases against the previous administrations. Instead of being treated seriously as a measure for checks and balances and for extracting accountability from public officials, these recent acts have been seen as nothing but a mockery of what our politics has turned into over the past few years and administrations- an exercise loaded with motives of vengeance and retribution.

While we laud the belief of individuals and groups in the constitutional process of impeachment, we must remind them that the goal of the impeachment process is to ensure accountability in public office. In reality, however, the recent impeachment talks have ran contrary to its noble purpose and have only served to destabilize the gains that have been made less than a year into the Duterte administration.

While impeachment is a constitutional way of removing Presidents/Vice Presidents in power, let history also remind us that popular opinion and sentiment has often prevailed over the impeachment process in removing non-performing public officials from public office. If you look at our history, no elected public official has been removed from office through the impeachment process.

Truth be told- subjecting the President and Vice President to the impeachment process may only be part of a bigger strategy. Nevertheless, the impeachment process should be spared from the interests other than the ulterior national interest. The impeachment process is in place for public accountability purposes and not for selfish interests of only a few groups or individuals. Time, taxpayers’ money and public attention will only be wasted if impeachment cases that are being filed left and right lack merit and substance. Better yet, the motives behind the strategies should not be obvious as the case in these impeachment complaints. Strategies are not supposed to be telegraphed, right?

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