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TheLOBBYiST is a web-based magazine that serves as a source of the most reliable and relevant information on advocacy campaigns, in-depth discussions of hot button issues for various stakeholders. These include decision-makers in the government, private sector, and the diplomatic corps; academics; members of the mass media; researchers; students; and the general public.

TheLOBBYiST is a product of PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc., complementing its core competencies: government relations, political management, strategic communications, and competitive intelligence.

“Always Beta”, our commitment to constant improvement


Nothing in this world is permanent; everything is in constant flux, especially at this age of innovation and evolution when things change at a mere click of the mouse.

In recognizing life’s only constant, TheLOBBYiST commits itself to continuous improvement; hence our tag “Always Beta”. We aim to continually improve and introduce innovations in our magazine to make your reading experience better each time you open your web browser and visit our site.

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