Vulnerable languages are those in which most children speak the language but whose use may be restricted to the home.

The clergy could not control this president, and this president also needs to tone down his irreverent rhetoric.

With collective reflection rather than confrontation, we should be able to craft a framework for clearing up our streets.

The Healthy Cities Initiatives should be revived. Intersectoral action in urban health should also be strengthened.

In pre-globalization times, people were attracted to cities for the wealth of connections they offered in terms of social, cultural, intellectual, financial and other services.

Last year was the greatest number of tourists worldwide, according the World Travel and Tourism Council. Global tourism created the most number of new jobs and outperformed the global economy seven years in a row.

National branding requires deep reflection and an honest assessment of our national values and attitudes.

PWD services need to be expanded. May the life of Stephen Hawking make us rise to this challenge.

It’s really time to re-brand EDSA for a new generation. Filipinos have become tired of protesting for its own sake.

As China dreams big, the American Dream is shrinking before our eyes.