Dealing With Racist Friends

So how do I deal with racists friends like this former classmate?

I have a high school classmate who is a pastor in the US and I have learned so many things about him through his Facebook posts.

In high school, he was one of 2 classmates who were non-Catholics in St Louis Boys’ High School, a Catholic institution in Baguio City. And we never thought of him as being different, nor treated him differently.

He migrated to the US and we have lost touch, until we became friends in Facebook.

Through Facebook, I found out that he has a daughter who was almost the same age as mine. I learned that he was a pastor, a calling he frequently talked about when were in high school. We talked about our kids becoming friends, sharing our aspirations for our families.

When Trump started his presidential campaign, he started posting and sharing posts that were a bit disturbing. He shared that infamous Skittles post proposing that you need to throw away the whole bowl of Skittles if you know that one may kill you. This of course refers to the justification of Trump’s closed immigration policies.

He encouraged the boycott of a fast food chain because the organization supported the LGBTQ community.

With Trump’s latest comment about Haiti being a shithole country, he shared a picture of Haiti garbage dump with the caption: “Haiti. Can you think of a better single word than the President used, to describe such a place.“

I looked at the picture and it could be Smoky Mountain. Well I guess I live in a shithole country too.

I sadly realized that my friend was a bigot and a racist. He is, ironically, an immigrant Filipino racist living in the US who is supporting a President who wants more people from countries like Norway to migrate to the US. He is a brown Filipino who is rabidly supporting a President who wants an all-white America.

And he was not alone. His posts were full of comments by similar immigrant Filipinos.

Not only are they racists. They are also ignorant racists. History is replete with horror stories of minorities supporting a white supremacist demagogue, and they themselves ending as ashes in Auschwitz.

As racist immigrant Filipinos, I cannot imagine what kind of person they see in the mirror. Do they see a white person? No amount of gluta treatment will make them white.

These racist immigrant Filipinos share posts encouraging whites to take out non-whites from America. Racist immigrant Filipinos seem to get confused about the blue passport they hold. They may be an America citizen, paying taxes and obeying laws, but they are still not white. They seemed to have forgotten recent history and need to be reminded that German Jews were not exempted from persecution.

I thought of our daughters becoming friends. But how could they be friends if their fathers have opposite beliefs and values? Honestly, I am ashamed to be called his friend.

So how do I deal with racists friends like this former classmate?

I left a comment on his latest post and unfriended him.

“Sieg Heil Jon! Sieg Heil!”

About the Author
Mr. Leo Querubin is a Certified Management Consultant, a Master Project Manager, A Certified International Project Manager and a Fellow of the American Academy of Project Management with over 30 years of extensive, international experience in planning and implementing large scale IT projects. He is currently a Managing Consultant at Indra Philippines handling the Public Administration, Education and Healthcare markets.
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