Phederal: Pwede-Raw?

How can we resolve this lopsided economic development in the Philippines under a Federal set-up?

What model of a federal form of Government can best fit the Philippines?  Should we copy the model of another federal country?  Or pwede raw (is it possible) to adopt our own unique model suited to our Philippine setting?  One that can actually solve the many pressing problems of our people.  One that will enhance and help capacitate local government units who are at the frontline of service delivery?

I have attended several forums on federalism and have researched about it.  But we have yet to see a financial forecast and analysis of the income potential of the Regional States being proposed.  There is no data being generated as of yet to show actual estimates of the proposed new fund allocation of resources between the Federal and the sub-national governments. What is the financial viability and sustainability of creating new Regional States?

With this additional level of bureaucracy to be created, if each Region would have its own Executive and Legislative Departments, how much would this cost?  If the additional funds to be allotted to LGUs will mainly go to personnel services (PS) and maintenance and operating expenditures (MOOE) instead of funds flowing directly to the provision of improving these basic services to augment the LGUs’ 20% development fund, then this runs counter to the main reason why we need to shift to a federal form of government – which is to give more power and more resources needed by the LGUs.

For starters, some propose to initially have 3 States, one for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, while Joint House Resolution No. 8 proposes creating 18 States to match each of our existing Regions.  But if Metro Manila will join forces as a separate State, the fact that they already control most of the country’s resources, how can other Regions compete with NCR?  This will only encourage more people to relocate to NCR where there are more opportunities.

How can we resolve this lopsided economic development in the Philippines under a Federal set-up?

 (To be continued…)

About the Author
Sandra Tablan Paredes is presently the Executive Director of the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP) since October, 2016 although she previously served LPP as Director from 1997 to 2004 Sandy helped organize ULAP in 1998 with former Governor Joey Lina and advocated for the LGUs' rightful IRA share, among other league advocacies, programs and projects to help local officials ensure local and fiscal autonomy and good governance. Recently served as concurrent interim Executive Director of ULAP from Jan-March 31, 2017. You can email her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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