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It is about time we upend the traditional paradigm of invitation-only legislative consultations by putting a more inclusive and participative system in place.

The boring, joyless, yet scientific approach to lawmaking should apply to all legislation, most especially those hot-button bills that stir up so much emotion among lawmakers and private citizens alike. If you  ever get to watch a congressional hearing on an issue as explosive as death penalty and end up dying of boredom from all of the technical data being discussed, well… at least you know our lawmakers are doing their jobs right.

"It is clear that the unique circumstances of our time have opened up a new road to hegemony for ambitious countries. It is a road paved with money, not guns. Economic leverage, not military might."

One of the first theories discussed during freshman political science courses is ‘politics as the art of compromise’. Cliché as it may be, LGBT+ rights activists must take this aphorism to heart if they wish to accomplish their ultimate aim of establishing legal protection mechanisms for the rights of LGBT+ individuals. At this point, the only realistic option for LGBT+ rights advocates is to abandon the SOGIE Bill and realign their lobbying efforts towards the passage of comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation which includes LGBT+ persons under its umbrella of protections.

Pork barrel has a much more sinister connotation in the Philippines. The term is synonymous with kickbacks and corruption due to the PDAF Scandal. Constitutionally speaking, it is an unacceptable usurpation by members of the legislature of the executive branch’s sole prerogative to implement the budget passed by Congress.

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