Benedict is an agricultural economist, academician and writer. He has gained experience and expertise in various fields of economics, business, political science and public relations after through professional ventures in the academe, and in the public and private sectors. He has authored or co-authored key publications on topics ranging from agriculture and food security to global affairs and politics. 

Millennial Talk is about the insights coming from the younger generation.

It takes more than a Pacquiao or even a weekly flag-raising or flag-lowering ceremony to make Filipinos truly nationalistic and patriotic.

If President Duterte is really the "tyrannical, diabolical, fascist and misogynist devil" that is "a threat to democracy" thenee how can his opponents openly describe him in such fashion and even heckle him while delivering a speech?

The mere fact that the opposition and critics of the President and his administration can openly say that democracy is "dead" is proof that democracy is alive and well in this country.

I do agree with the move to close Boracay for six months starting April 26.

For Filipinos, showing “delicadeza” is the most honorable thing that a person can do