Benedict is an agricultural economist, academician and writer. He has gained experience and expertise in various fields of economics, business, political science and public relations after through professional ventures in the academe, and in the public and private sectors. He has authored or co-authored key publications on topics ranging from agriculture and food security to global affairs and politics. 

Millennial Talk is about the insights coming from the younger generation.

The mere fact that the opposition and critics of the President and his administration can openly say that democracy is "dead" is proof that democracy is alive and well in this country.

I do agree with the move to close Boracay for six months starting April 26.

For Filipinos, showing “delicadeza” is the most honorable thing that a person can do

I honestly believe that the method for which the Dengvaxia vaccine program was acquired and executed was not done in good faith.

Prior to being elected as the Chief Executive of our country, President Duterte served as Mayor of Davao City for more than two decades. He first came into office during the late 1980's, at a time when Mindanao was dealing with serious peace and order issues, and Davao City was not what it is now, the center of business and commerce in the island, and one of the most orderly cities in the country. Except for brief stints in Congress and as Vice Mayor to his daughter, current Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte-Carpio, the President, backed up with his experience as a lawyer and banking on the need to make his city survive, successfully steered Davao City into what it is today.