Cheap shot

SUNDAY was not a good day for Filipinos worldwide with the unanimous decision rendered by the judges to a fight dubbed as the “Fight of the Century” that went the distance. The Mayweather-Pacman fight was expensive, the hype was too much and the fight was not.

SUNDAY was not a good day for Filipinos worldwide with the unanimous decision rendered by the judges to a fight dubbed as the “Fight of the Century” that went the distance. The Mayweather-Pacman fight was expensive, the hype was too much and the fight was not.

When there is no rematch in each other’s contract, one would think that the fight would be for the books and well, it was for the books: how Mayweather was the greatest defensive boxer from rolling shoulders to pinpoint hits and the steps that would put to shame the Dancing Queen or should it be John Travolta’s Staying Alive? From a Bible spewing fighter to a man driven and branded as The Money Team, one wonders if in the Gambling Capital of the World, oxymoronic narratives glue everyone together. That the narrative was all about money and glitz, the boos given to every thumping of the chest by the declared winner became ironical as Mayweather jumped to every corner of the ring and even made a pose that says it all: I won and I don’t care what you say.

Indeed, a cheap shot. It was a cheap shot from the run up activities to the main fight and the succeeding press conferences. Man, even Max Kellerman was doing one before millions of televiewers. Just like it was a cheap shot to hit Pacman for his truancy in Congress when there are others who are worst than him. Politics has ruined Pacman? I doubt it because he has not stolen a single centavo from the national purse to use it for his favor. And yet we praise the high and mighty in both the corporate and political worlds, and whisper things against the Pacman, that they are undeserving of class. What’s with some of us?

Oh, I forgot that Pacman outside of boxing was dirt poor. Is it because Pacman was once poor that the oligarchs of this nation and even say the political gatekeepers can’t accept the fact that today, Pacman is one of them?

Just like it was a cheap shot to ridicule Pacman for even planning to run for the Senate in 2016 and for even getting the enchilada out from Bob Arum that Pacman would be the next president in this land of ours. When a country seriously watches every fight of a Filipino who willed it on his own, a letdown is like an extended hangover that will take days to shake off. But shake it off we must because that is the character trait of Filipinos. Better days ahead and Pacman would have to learn the hard way. And yes, it is time to retire. The hunger is gone. The fire is fading fast and the vultures have encircled so much that your pawning flesh like boxing is now driven by commissions, receipts, shares in PPV, etc. just like some share prices in our stock exchange that are manipulated to show trading when the company is badly managed and is about to belly up again. But since the shareholders are minted names, they are allowed to play the capital markets because they are sons of the economic elite.

And the trolls that went berserk against Aling Celia, aided by a broadsheet that declared the death of Mary Jane, are the ultimate cheap shot. Hashtag campaigns of #FiringSquadforCeliaVeloso and #BitayinNaYan showed a lot of vitriol against Aling Celia who uttered her motherly angst against a president who took a last minute stand when since 2010 not much help was extended. Why was Aling Celia attacked by the palace sponsored trolls? Because she attacked their demigod. And the viciousness was shocking because we are supposed to be 98% Catholic. And really, can’t we extend some leeway to a mother whose daughter just got spared the Indonesian firing squad?

It was cheap shot for even the president to reply to the dig and the cabal of defenders to take the podium and defend the president. Pointless and useless because every one knew that the president made a last minute Hail Mary pass. Magnanimity was thrown away on the part of the leader. Sad.

That the Indonesian president acted because of several factors, including the plea of BSA3 and the novelty of an idea they crafted on human trafficking and testifying against the drug syndicate should be considered. It behooves Aling Celia to work closely with government because the reprieve depends on the ability of the government to deliver on the case, without which Mary Jane would be executed.

And the Yellow trolls should rein in their efforts for the campaign season is still five months away from the filing of the certificate of candidacy and eight months away from the official campaign period. The dry runs are quite revealing though. And by the way, would the fund used in your trolling activities be Juan’s? Ahh, then that’s another cheap shot. Remember, when a winner is booed, not once but all the time, you know the victory is hollow, right trolls?


Published in Manila Times on May 4, 2015:

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