Emmanuel Baylosis is a founding Member of Beyond Politics PH and the Founder/Writer of The Malolos Herald. Being born into a rather politically-involved bloodline with relatives from multiple sides of the spectrum, he seeks to elevate discussions to a much calmer, and non-confrontational level. He is tired of one-sided arguments and the common culture of always seeking to win a debate, rather than learning something new. The column is named "Ponder,” to set the tone and indicate a more involved thought process, emphasizing the importance of much wider analysis, context, and perspective.

It has been announced that the  Philippines ranks as the worst in reading comprehension once more. In my perspective, one's prowess in comprehension is very important in one's state of intellect, as it is a foundation of all learning styles. Comprehension does not necessarily entail reading text from a book or magazine, but it encompasses the general process of understanding.

It's the season again where we meet family, friends, and our community. Whether this means trips to Baguio, resorts, or simply eating out, there's always this Filipino spirit of celebration that we appreciate.

It's a pretty well-known fact that our youth are expected to be the pillars of hope, for the future of our nation - the youth after all shall continue to bear the torch that will be passed among generations.

So, I have been in multiple cafes for the last few days — and not all instances are to my liking. Such coffee drinks for such establishments are often criticized for being overpriced and overhyped, a statement I agree with to an extent.

Many people idolize Volodymyr Zelenskyy and join the bandwagon by showering him with praises. However, I doubt that these people have taken the time to do some research to get to know him. For instance, do they know that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin have the same name? Volodymyr is the Ukrainian translation for Vladimir.  

Little do we know about the United States long-standing matrimony with Xi Jinping and China, stretching back to 2011. (1)

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