The Philippines still needs to address the core issues affecting the economy; poor agricultural productivity, the absence of an export manufacturing base and the low level of foreign direct investment. The issues related to these are the continuing corruption in the bureaucracy, the high cost of power and labor, labor militancy and the protectionist provisions in the economy which benefit the oligarchs.

The Duterte administration has managed to exceed expectations about its performance at governance and fiscal and economic policy but PRRD's work is not done yet as he mentioned during the election campaign. There is still the need to amend the Constitution in terms of the political structure and its economic provisions which continue to hinder the country's progress

The hypocrisy of the Opposition was shown again when reports about a Chinese fishing vessel ramming a Filipino fishing boat went viral. They are targeting President Duterte for his silence on the issue.

Political and economic reform are badly needed for the country to finally achieve the economic takeoff it has longed for. The prospects are bright now but there is still a lot of work to be done. 

Different strategies and issues have been brought up during the 2019 Midterm Elections. One of the Opposition's strategy is blaming the administration on the water crisis. 

Can the Opposition achieve their success this 2019 Midterm Elections especially that they are betting on the youth and millennial votes to propel them to victory?

Over 30 years have passed, but still, cronyism remains in the Philippine Government. Nothing has changed as reforms haven't been institutionalized through legislation. Any reforms made has been embodied by the crony class of oligarchs.

It's unfortunate that candidates for Congressmen are not subjected to the same kind of scrutiny when they should also be for the benefit of their constituents to better assess their qualifications and capabilities.

If the Philippines is ever to achieve its full potential, the basic requisite is the adherence to the rule of law and its equal enforcement.

The Philippines needs to become competitive in the global arena if Filipinos are to benefit from the changes coming about.

The latest draft is an improvement over the Con-Com but it still falls short of the parameters set by the President because it doesn't even have a provision for the proposed federal regions

The government should seize the opportunity with the implementation of the national ID system to design an information and communications framework for the interconnection of government departments and agencies from the national to the local level to include the LGUs.

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