Dear Mr. or Mrs. soon-to-be-president

To the 17th President of the Republic of the Philippines

Malacañan Palace, JP, Kalayaan Hall,

 2/F Jose Laurel St,

 San Miguel, Manila

I'm writing this letter to appeal to your mind and heart on the present state of our nation. It is no secret that we are still in the middle of a pandemic which severely impacted the health and well-being of our people and the society. Unprecedented lockdowns implemented have forced people out of jobs, driven businesses into bankruptcy and isolated family members and loved ones from each other. The threat of transmission has limited the education of our children to virtual classes, disrupted potential economic opportunities, and altered the way we socially interact with each other.

We are heading to an uncertain future with so many questions such as:

·       When will this pandemic end and normalcy be somehow restored?

·       Are still jobs and opportunities out there for us to work or earn a living?

·       How do we cope with the losses of many family members, friends and loved ones who were taken by COVID-19? We did not have the chance to grieve and bid a proper farewell.

We are a people in search of hope, vision, and leadership in this time of great depression. We are a people in search of solutions and direction. We need a President whom we can follow and trust in this time of uncertainty.

The political noise will continue to linger beyond the elections. Not everybody or even a majority may be happy with your victory.

Nevertheless, we plead…

Please rise above the hatred in making decisions which you deem are important in resuscitating our ailing economy and saving more lives from the wrath of the pandemic. Please rise when other countries threaten our sovereignty and abuse our people working abroad.

Please appoint and listen to experts who know and mean well. Please discern when those within your circle appear to have the tendency to abuse their positions. Please listen to our collective voices when they no longer trust the people you entrusted to key positions.

Please inspire. Please inspire the bureaucracy to work for the people. Please inspire our people to follow your lead. Please inspire your critics by engaging them in meaningful discourse that will lead to better policies and programs.

Please offer. Please offer your hand of reconciliation to your political adversaries to signal that your government will be for all Filipinos regardless of party, race, or color. Please offer us a vision, not false guarantees with which we have been fooled by your predecessors.


I believe that this nation will overcome under your leadership. I pray that you will have a name that we can be proud of come the Presidential Inauguration on 30 June 2022.


About the Author
Mr. Aaron Benedict De Leon is currently a Business Development Practitioner in a private consulting firm. He has more than six years of professional experience in leading and managing political and non-government organizations, specializing in organizational management, policy development and program management. He has had stints with notable political/socio-civic organizations, serving in various capacities as: Secretary-General of the Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines (CDP) [2013-2015], Founding Chairperson of the Centrist Democratic Youth Association of the Philippines (CDYAP) [2012-2014], Philippine Representative to the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) [2011-2012], Chairperson of the Christian Democratic Youth [2011-2012], Secretary-General of YOUTH Philippines [2010-2011], and Spokesperson/Communications Director of the GT2010 Gilbert Teodoro Presidential Campaign [2009-2010].
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