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It has been only just a few months when I was still referring to myself as a “future media practitioner” and writing post-SONA essays was a chore.

It has been only just a few months when I was still referring to myself as a “future media practitioner” and writing post-SONA essays was a chore.

Back then, we were highly encouraged to be engaged with political affairs to contribute to discussions and ideas to improve the standing of this country.

I am not going to lie. My first years in college was filled with apathy for anything associated with the word “political”. I found it intimidating and quite a complex matter to discuss.

The habit of keeping up with the latest happenings in the government only grew on me during the latter part of my college life. Despite that, it has uncovered the love and concern I have for my country and inspired me to pour more effort to see it grow.  

With the unceasing flow of time, I now find myself working for a company noted for political campaigns and withstanding the pressure that comes along with it. The nature of my work lets me explore parts of the political sphere I have never chartered before.

Only now do I appreciate the value of sparing time to read the news and take time to analyze the country’s situation not only as part of my job, but also as a concerned citizen.

The fact that I am already working makes me a part of the engine that drives this country forward. It gives me the confidence to say that, yes, I have the right to say what’s on my mind about where our leaders are leading this country.

Watching President Aquino’s SONA last Monday brought me an array of feelings. Initially, a patriotic part of me was squealing with excitement to have witnessed such event. I may not be a fan of President Aquino, but I looked at him as a beacon of hope as he made his entrance in the House of Representatives. I felt the deep sense of patriotism knowing that I was one with my fellow Filipinos watching this momentous event. There was a hint of hope that he will finally present the truth of his accomplishments, and not just parts of it.

However, everything went downhill as he dragged the past administration (again) to emphasize the responsibility he had to face right after taking office. It sounded all too familiar. He even failed to mention the bravery of the SAF 44 and instead boasted the killing of Marwan as an accomplishment of his administration. It was like an odious replay of his past SONAs only this time there was a painfully awkward use of slangs and quotes.

Perhaps this is the most comical SONA I have ever had the chance to see. It became the perfect target for memes in the internet and this comes as no surprise because of the attitude shown by the congress. By the end, it proved itself to be a jungle with all the small protest and “booing” going on.  If this is how scattered the government officials are, what gravity does PNoy’s words have? The Aquino Administration only has 11 months to serve and yet PNoy’s last SONA ended in a somewhat chaotic streak. What’s next?

Photo by the Office of the President of the Philippines

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