Once upon a time, a mighty Eagle ruled both land and sky. He loved to catch smaller animals and torture them before eating. He wreaks havoc and strikes fear in all those under his dominion. Until one day, there was a bear and its teeth were capable of crushing bones of any animal who dared cross its path. 

The eagle was threatened by the bear. Desperate to kill the bear, the Eagle devised a plan. He approaches and makes friends with an innocent fox. After a few days of friendship, the Eagle was able to convince the fox that the bear was pure evil trying to steal his territory.

One day, the eagle tricked both the fox and the bear to meet. When the two saw each other, the fight began. The bear charged and the fox held his ground. A one-sided fight unfolded. So, the fox started to run for his life.

The eagle saw what happened and shouted "Why did you run? Go back and finish the dying bear!" The fox heard the eagle and went back to fight the Bear. The fox fought with all his heart only to receive more fatal blows. The fox was bleeding to death. The Eagle told him "Keep fighting. Your other fox friends will come to help you.”

The Eagle realized his strategy to eliminate his rivals worked! 

The eagle immediately flew to a place where one of its enemies resided, the Mountain Lion. He befriended other animals in that territory and said the mountain lion plans to kill them all and they should unite and kill the mountain Lion. 

The eagle sets up another encounter for the protagonists. A big fight erupts between clueless animals. The eagle kept cheering for the smaller animals fighting for their lives.

The eagle then flew for the far east, home of a powerful dragon that he detested most. There he saw a Tamaraw and approached it. He said the Dragon planned to grab the Tamaraw’s territory.

The Tamaraw said: “No sir, that Dragon never grabbed our land ever since.”

“Don't be afraid,” said the eagle. “The moment the Dragon tries to hurt you, I will be there to rescue you and fight the dragon myself.”

The tamaraw was impressed to become the best buddy of the mighty eagle. “What should I do?” Tamaraw asked. “Go where the Dragon sleeps and start poking its butt.” The eagle commanded. The Tamaraw obliged and went to the Dragon's den.

The Tamaraw then charged and hit the Dragon’s butt. The Dragon reacted and spit water instead of fire. The Dragon said “We are not enemies. Your eagle friend is using you as bait to pick a fight with me.”   

Will the Tamaraw listen to the Dragon? Or will it share the same fate as the fox?  

This story isn't fiction. That troublesome eagle, a.k.a. ‘The United States’ is once again dragging us to its stupid wars.

- - -

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