Wars & False Flag Attack

In recent war history, big conflicts always start with small incidents that escalate rapidly into bigger wars. Some of those incidents were rumored to be false flag attacks or inside jobs. Meaning, that a certain nation or forces who are eager to start a war create a scenario that harms its own forces and blames it on the enemy. All for the purpose of igniting a shooting war.

Among the rumored false flag attacks was Pearl Harbor. Until today, many US military experts are asking why the US Navy’s leadership parked the entire US Navy fleet in Hawaii undefended when the world was at war on December 7, 1941. The US was not part of the war at the time of the attack but imposed an oil embargo on Japan months before. Why sanction the once mighty Japan and leave your Navy Pacific Fleet sleeping on a lazy Sunday morning? 

At present, the US is once again spurring for another World War in a hurry. American President Joe Biden has started two major wars in less than 3 years already. 

First, Joe Biden put up Nazi Forces in Ukraine and supported the Ukrainian government in shelling and killing Russian Speaking Ukrainians in Donbas. Then he invited or hinted Ukraine to be soon part of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Thus, Russia felt threatened and attacked Ukraine in February 2021.

Now, regarding the Hamas attack on Israel, many military and security experts in the West are still in disbelief at how a less capable force like Hamas was able to cross undetected on one of the most secure and heavily defended borders in the world, manned by the most capable army, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and backed by the best spy agency in the world, Mossad. 

Another report from the New York Times dated September 27, 2023 or a week prior to Hamas “invasion” states that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was on the brink of being replaced due to his extremist approach as a leader and lack of Judicial oversight on his executive powers. Did Netanyahu orchestrate the Hamas attack to stay in power? 

Regardless of the reasons why and how Hamas was able to cross the Israeli border, it is moot and academic. The war in the Middle East has started and escalation to World War 3 is now evident. Meanwhile, the US Military personnel are now inside Israel and attacking Gaza.  

Moreover, the US is now manipulating Filipino leaders, media, and whoever believes in the greatness of America to pick a fight with Super Power China, as if the war in Ukraine and the Middle East weren’t enough. They are now inside the Philippine Territory with their Military bases. They are meddling, influencing, and possibly manipulating the Philippines’ interaction with China in the South China Sea.

War is a business. Any party who stands to profit from War is likely the one who will initiate a false flag attack.

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The views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the author. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of The Lobbyist.


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