Making her own mark

After spending much of her growing years away from the limelight, Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion or simply “KC” followed her celebrity parents’ footsteps and joined Philippine show business in 2007. Today, KC has already made a name for herself as one of the country’s hottest and talented young stars.

After spending much of her growing years away from the limelight, Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion or simply "KC" followed her celebrity parents' footsteps and joined Philippine show business in 2007. Today, KC has already made a name for herself as one of the country's hottest and talented young stars.

Amid her busy schedule both as an actress and a World Food Program ambassador, The Lobbyist recently caught up with KC online where she answered our 10 Questions.

THE LOBBYiST (TL): What dreams did you have in mind when you entered showbiz?

Maria Kristina Cassandra Cuneta Concepcion (KC): I was excited about learning as much as I could about hosting, acting, singing, people and the business in general. I wasn't allowed to enter showbiz until I finished my studies, and I loved watching "Ang TV". I remember wanting to be part of something fun, being around different kinds of people all the time. I wasn't allowed to join. So in that sense I had to wait a while. The moment I got in, I looked forward to getting out and having more and more experience. I was very idealistic, and I felt like a giant ball of confetti waiting to explode. 


TL: At such a young age, you already have your own talk show, you are part of a very popular celebrity–oriented show and several other programs and you're doing movies as well, do you think you'll be exceeding what your mom has achieved in the industry? 

KC: I wouldn't think that way. I wouldn't want to think I could ever compete with that. That has never been my motivation for working. She has more than 30 years ahead of me. I haven't achieved even half of what she has achieved! People seem to forget that I am from a totally separate generation, with somewhat of a different background altogether. She is on a league of her own, and I admire her not just as my mother but as the person everyone else sees her to bePhoto courtesy of UN World Food Programme - Philippines. No one can compare to all she has achieved and I'm proud of that. 


TL: If given a chance, what role would you want to play in your next movie and why? Are you open to playing sexy roles at this time? How about villain roles? 

KC: I'm open to any role that would suit me. I trust my directors that if they make me do something it's because they believe I can. I wouldn't mind playing a villain or being active or sexy in a role, as long as the shots were needed in the story and my managers, whom I trust, would approve of it.


TL: You have been quite active in World Food Program's activities. Why the passion for their work? 

KC: It really grounds me, reminds me that there is a whole world out there that doesn't revolve around you. Also, I've  been able to travel through this work, and I've met so many sincere, passionate people from different countries and walks of life, that really want to help out. You're part of a bigger picture, you represent your own country, and mahihiya ka nalang sa kanila pag nakita mo kung paano sila magtrabaho, at gaano nila kamahal yung trabaho nila. It's a way for me to do something for my own country, without having to get into politics. 


TL: Speaking about your advocacy, what changes do you want to see 10 years from now? How do you think these changes would be best achieved? 

KC: Better services for tourism, preservation of our mountains, beaches, environment. Cleaner, healthier air in Metro Manila. I hope we can be better equipped to combat natural disasters. And that the hunger situation especially in Mindanao doesn't get worse. Generally I don't really like looking too far into the future. :) I just take things day by day, do what I can, and see how it all plays out in the end, and hope for the best. 


TL: How has your advocacy helpedPhoto courtesy of UN World Food Programme - Philippines you appreciate what you have right now? 

KC: You can't complain about anything when you see what people are going through out there- basic survival that we so often take for granted. 


TL: How do you relax after a busy day at work? 

KC: There are days when I need to spend time with my girl friends, gay friends, and closest friends and cousins, jamming, talking, laughing, working out, and eating. Photo courtesy of UN World Food Programme - Philippines

Other days I just get a good massage, listen to chill jazz or acoustic, light some incense. Smelling yummy scents like orange vanilla or figue do a lot in terms of relaxing me. 


TL: Is there a "tradition" you have at home that could not be compromised even with your hectic schedule? 

KC: Praying, and then drinking brewed coffee and taking my teaspoon-full of royal jelly before leaving the house :) 


TL: What's one thing that you could call your trademark – this could be something that you wear or do? 

KC: Light candles and playing music during shoots. 


TL: How can a guy get a date with a KC Concepcion? 

KC: Give me great conversations! That's all. Be interested in what I'm interested in, genuinely, and it wouldn't hurt to teach me a thing or two without being controlling.


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