Turncoatism Banned in New Charter – Teehankee

Here are some updates on the ConCom on Charter Change enbanc meeting

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, Prof. Julio Teehankee spoke to the media about the proposition of the Subcommittee on Political Reforms on banning party-switching in the Philippine political landscape so as to strengthen the country’s party systems.

According to Teehankee, no less than the Congressmen and the Senators themselves expressed concern over the issue. “They have tried to pass the Political Party Development Act since the 12th Congress, since 2003. We are already in the 17th Congress and they have not passed that bill…and just like the anti-political dynasty provision, it underwent the “Monalisa treatment” – it just lied there and died there,” he said.

The proposal does not permanently ban candidates from switching parties because candidates can still switch parties as they wish. However, they will be banned from seeking election for a period of four years. Teehankee emphasized that once a candidate decides to switch, he/she must sit out an entire term (four years based on the previous decisions made by the ConCom).

Moreover, coalitions of parties will not be considered as party switching under the new constitution but only as a form of alliance among political parties, as long as the coalitions are formed through party dialogues and not through individuals.