Improving Operational Efficiency and Transparency in Bureau of Customs for Sustainable Growth

Bureau of Customs (BOC) Assistant Commissioner Vincent Philip Maronilla delivered a keynote speech about the progress and priorities of BOC this year. He shared information about the newly improved technological operations of BOC during the luncheon meeting with ECCP members. 

Makati City – ECCP members together with the ECCP Executive Director Mr. Florein Gottein and President Mr. Nabil Francis attended a luncheon meeting with Bureau of Customs (BOC) Assistant Commissioner Vincent Philip Maronilla where he delivered a keynote speech about the progress and priorities of BOC this year.

Mr. Maronilla tackled the newly improved technological operations of BOC like biometrics, CCTVs, X-Ray Units, Goods Declaration Verification System (GDVS), Document Tracking System, Customer Care Portal System, Alert Monitoring System, OCOM Dashboard, and E2M Stabilization Plan. The GDVS is a system that allow stakeholders to check the status of goods declaration and verify its random assignment to customs examiners. 

There is also an ongoing development on Informal Entry System, Parcel Tracking System, and Cargo Tracking System to have a better way in assessing and collecting customs revenues, curbing illicit trade and all forms of customs fraud, and facilitating trade through an efficient and effective customs management system.
The BOC is also pushing for the implementation of an Anti-Corruption Campaign plan that identifies anti-bribery, conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, travel, charitable giving, political contributions, offset agreement and other related policies in use across different organizations. This campaign plan also seeks to develop plan and timeline for implementing new policies across organizations. To prevent these policies, the BOC will take note of issues that might arise before and during the implementation of the Anti-Corruption Campaign and will develop a plan of action that will investigate issues found by conducting risk assessment. 

Mr. Maronilla emphasized the SAFE Framework of Standards to Secure and Facilitate Global Trade (SAFE Framework) which is one of the main priorities of BOC. SAFE Framework would act as a deterrent to international terrorism, secure revenue collections and promote trade facilitation worldwide.

PH ASW Connection using TRADENET

The Assistant Commissioner also gave important updates on the development of the Philippine ASEAN Single Window (ASW) Connection with the use of TRADENET where the BOC ratified the Protocol on the Legal Framework (PLF) to implement this connection. Tradenet or is the online portal designed as the official government system for electronic exchange of data on trade between and among various Philippine government agencies on one hand, as well as the Philippines and other countries. The connection to the ASW has been successfully completed in the first quarter of 2018. Mr. Maronilla noted that Philippine Customs joined the 2nd round End-to-End Test with Myanmar and other ASEAN Member States on July 29 to August 9.