China to PH: ‘we condemn any groundless allegations against China out of ulterior political motives’

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines has made it clear that combating illegal and criminal activities is a priority. This was connected to the remarks of Senator Gordon and Senator Hontiveros on the increase of criminality involving Chinese nationals linked to the dramatic increase of POGO operations in the country.

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines released a statement last Wednesday, March 4, re-affirming the Chinese government’s strong stance against illegal activities of Chinese nationals in the Philippines as it partners with relevant agencies of the Philippine government to curb transnational crime.

This statement stemmed from the latest reports concerning the illegal activities connected to the dramatic increase of POGO operations in the Philippines along with the criminal activities linked to it –  money laundering and illegal prostitution are among the major concerns.

Senator Richard Gordon and Senator Risa Hontiveros have expressed their dismay at the involvement of Chinese nationals in various illegal activities in the Philippines. According to Senator Gordon, the “soft stance” of the administration on POGOs is dangerous as the money laundered in the Philippines could be used to fund criminal activities and even government destabilization. Likewise, Senator Hontiveros believes that illegal prostitution activities in the Philippines by Chinese nationals must be acted swiftly upon as it is part of the bigger transnational crime network with possible links to the operations of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) with government officials.

The Chinese Embassy statement blasted these irresponsible remarks as being based on fake news and expressed that “individual illegal and criminal cases involving Chinese citizens are only isolated incidents and cannot represent the whole picture of China-Philippines relations”.

On China’s commitment to combat the illegal activities of Chinese nationals in the Philippines, the Chinese Embassy has expressed its pledge to maintaining the good partnership with the Philippines. As expressed by the Embassy: “The China-Philippines relations have maintained a good momentum of development….China is willing to work with the Philippines to push the comprehensive strategic cooperation to a new level”.