"Zero-Tolerance on Corruption" - PRRD

Addressing the nation, Monday night, the President encouraged everyone to help each other in these grueling times. Also, in line with the zero-tolerance policy on corruption, a P30,000 bounty is offered to those that would report corruptive practices by local officials.

Addressing the nation, Monday night, President Duterte started his weekly address by calling out health workers and encouraging them not to go overseas. As PRRD forwards, “don’t misunderstand me, I do not want you to go there and come back a coffin”. In line with this, PRRD said that he will work out with DOJ Secretary, Menardo Guevarra, to devise a law that would stop health workers to migrate in this time of crisis.

In the second part of his speech, PRRD addressed the Local Government Units and their duty to help and protect their constituents – this was after various reports that health workers coming from abroad are not being accepted back in their localities. Health workers stranded abroad was also given an assurance that the government will create a way for them to go back home so that they can use their savings for their families and not on their stranded time abroad.

PRRD also addressed the criticism posted upon DOH Secretary, Francisco Duque, and reiterated that in the matter of health, the government will always listen to Secretary Duque. As PRRD stated, “I will listen to the conflicting claims, but in the end, it is the secretary of health who decides. . . your word is the law”. Adding to this, PRRD claims that the current situation of the country’s COVID-19 cases is low and that the recovery to death ratio is ideal. For those that cannot avoid going outside, PRRD reminded that they must not forget to wear mask and follow the social distance rule.

PRRD addressed the big businesses and offered an apology. He thanked these big businesses for helping the government in providing the necessities for the moment and that the COVID-19 experience humbled him. Particularly on the Ayala’s and the Pangilinan’s, PRRD stated, “I apologize for the hurting words”.

Concluding his speech was an addressed to the military, the police, and the New People’s Army, as PRRD forwards, “there is no longer hope for further talks with Sison”. The President advised the Armed Force to be vigilant and take care of themselves. He also reminded again the LGUs, along with the Barangays, that they must ensure an effective distribution method. LGUs and Barangays must see to it that all qualified recipients must be given that corruption is cut out at the core. The President offered a bounty of Php 30,000.00 to anyone who could report local officials being involved in corruptive practices, addressed through Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque. Roque highlighted that this effort is in accordance with the zero-tolerance policy on corruption of the government.