Transitioning From ECQ to MECQ, GCQ, and MGCQ: “Maintain the needed health standards” - Malacañang

Addressing the nation, the President reminded the public that the COVID-19 is very lethal. Acquiring the virus at this current point in time, without a vaccine, can most likely result in death, the President reiterated. He reminded everyone to follow guidelines and stay safe. 


Addressing the nation in a delayed telecast, filmed Monday night and aired Tuesday morning, President Duterte recognized the importance of communicating to the public who is allowed to move during the transition to Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) and General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Arguing for the vitality of information dissemination with regards to the new situation after May 15, the President ordered everything to be published at PTV-4, a government-owned television network.

The President then proceeded to wish everyone well, especially the mothers who just celebrated their day last Sunday. Going back to concern of matter, PRRD encouraged everyone to follow the protocols and guidelines of the ECQ – social distancing and wearing of masks. This will be the new normal until a vaccine is secured, the President said.

“COVID is very lethal”. PRRD encouraged everyone not to go out if not needed or important. “It is intended for your protection”, he said.

The President also offered a P2,000,000 bounty for those that can kill or identify top commanders from the New People’s Army (NPA). Identifiers are promised protection and land, the President assured.

Ending his speech, the President reminded everyone again to stay home and stay safe. COVID-19 is lethal and acquiring the virus at this current point in time, without a vaccine, can most likely result in death, the President reiterated. 

In a separate press briefing from Presidential Spokesperson, Harry Roque, he made some pronouncement of the President clearer. As presented, there would be places that will remain under lockdown, and there would be places where the situation would ease. The lifting of the ECQ will be gradual, incremental, and would ensure that there is already a strong and resilient health system in place, as advised by the World Health Organization.

Through IATF Res. No. 25, provinces and LGUs in the Philippines are divided under three categories, those under the modified GCQ (outside the buffer zone), those under the GCQ (Buffer Zone), and those under the Modified ECQ (Containment Zone). Localities under the last category include Laguna, all HUCs of NCR, Pateros, and Cebu City. Through the modified lockdown in different parts of the country, the goal is to gradually reopen the economy.

Philippines cannot afford to have another wave of transmission to happen, so with this, the government reminded the public to maintain the needed health standards and to remain at home as much as possible.

Quarantine Qualifications

Cleared out Tuesday afternoon, the IATF Res. No. 35 permits the following:

(1) under the Modified ECQ, limited movement within the ECQ zone for obtaining essential services and work is allowed, operation of selected manufacturing and processing plants up to 50% workforce is permitted, transporting services for essential goods and services is authorized but limited, and physical classes are still suspended;

(2) under the GCQ, the limited movement to service and work within the GCQ zone are allowed, operation of government offices (except for utility services and critical economic sector which is already at full operation) up to 75% of the workforce are authorized, transporting services to support the government and private operations are authorized but limited, and flexible learning arrangements - operation at limited capacities to cater to students are permitted, and lastly;

(3) under Modified GCQ, permissive socio-economic activities with minimum public health standards is in place.