Making Data Work for LGUs: A PUBLiCUS Webinar

In the first webinar session of PUBLiCUS LGU ACADEMY 101, Dr. David Barua Yap noted that LGUs have a bigger role to play in data collection especially during this time of pandemic given that, unlike national agencies, LGUs interface directly with their constituents.

PUBLiCUS Asia, Inc. has launched its new lineup of webinars with ‘PUBLiCUS LGU Academy 101: Making Data Work for LGUs,’ a virtual masterclass aimed at enhancing the knowledge and strengthen the skills of elected officials, career public servants, and other local governance stakeholders.

PUBLiCUS Asia Chief Data Scientist Dr. David Barua Yap discussed the importance of data in public policy and its applications to local governance.

With the current situation due to COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Yap noted that LGUs have a bigger role to play in data collection given that, unlike national agencies, they interface directly with their constituents.

Yap explained that demographic and health data collected by LGUs from constituents can be used through data-driven analytics to map the spread of the deadly virus and identify major COVID hotspots.

“Through rigorous data collection, data processing, and data analysis, LGUs can identify which areas need aid, what types of aid are needed, and the best ways to deliver the aid.” Dr. Yap stated.

Yap also presented a mechanism that any LGU can use to collect local level data called the Community Based Monitoring System (CBMS). Yap said the vast potential of CBMS is only limited by the capacity of the LGU to analyze the data — which goes hand-in-hand with the acquisition of skills and expertise in data analytics.

In conclusion, Yap highlighted that data makes LGUs more responsive by giving them detailed information on what their constituents need, more efficient by identifying ways to maximize the net benefit of resources, and more innovative by equipping them with the proficiencies and the mindset that would enable them to take advantage of emerging techniques and technologies.

When asked during the Q&A for the main takeaway for LGUs in a short one-sentence form, Yap simply said: “Data will save and make money.”

An on-demand version of the live lecture will soon be made available on PUBLiCUS’ digital channels.