‘Decisions are anchored in Science’ - PRRD

In his address, PRRD assured that in the decisions they make, they rely on Science as their basis. Also, the President urged everyone to obey the government as it is only concerned for their welfare and encouraged everyone to call the government out on whatever they are missing.

Addressing the nation, July 8, PRRD started his address by updating the country of the current status of COVID-19 cases. As of July 7, there are 34,178 active cases, and in total 47,873, including non-active cases. For the recoveries, the country tallies 12,383, and for the deaths, 1,809. On the status regarding re-opening the economy and lifting the lockdown, the precedence set by other countries proved that a dramatic increase in cases occurs in such attempt. As the President noted, “dahan-dahan lang [take it slowly]”. Before transferring the floor to the various secretaries, the President highlighted that in his decision “I cannot make a guess. Governance is not made of guesses; it has to be anchored on pure Science.”

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III presented the various cities and localities covered by the currently existing restrictions – Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), General Community Quarantine (GCQ), Modified General Community Quarantine (MGCQ), and low-risk MGCQ. With these restrictions in place, PRRD reiterated that “[this] does not follow that COVID is not here, COVID will remain for all time – the only thing that would make it useless is the vaccine.”

National Task Force Chief Implementer Carlito Galvez, Jr., presented the Phase 2 of the new National Action Plan in order to address the resurgence of COVID in the country and aid in the reopening of the economy. 

Interior and Local Government Secretary Eduardo Año assured that the Local Governments with their leaders has the capacity to execute the roles necessary to execute smoothly the Phase 2 of the National Action Plan. Secretary Año also updated the country on the condition of the locally-stranded individuals (LSIs) and as of the moment, they have aided the transfer of 4,180 LSIs. Secretary Año assured that there is no LSI that would sleep in the streets and that various resources are utilized for their welfare. Lastly, Secretary Año provided an update on the cases filed against local officials who have been found to abuse their power or failed to follow the rules and regulations set by the Inter-agency Task Force. 

National Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana updated the country on the status of returning Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). As of the moment, the Secretary assured that there are no backlogs.

Presenting the salient points of the government’s plans and actions, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque highlighted that there would be major changes in terms of communication. Roque also emphasized that with the new-found knowledge on COVID-19, these information guides the government in how they would approach the re-opening of the economy and how to strengthen further the policies that would protect the people – most especially the vulnerable.  


Ending his address, PRRD reiterated that “All I’m asking is that you obey the government because [the] government is very much interested that you don’t get sick or if you get sick, that you get well and would live to grow and see your children grow, and your grandchildren to love.” Addressing everyone, the President appealed that “If you want us to do more, we will, tell us what to do. If we cannot do it, we will tell you why we cannot do it, but if we can, gagawin namin [we will do it].”