CEOs and leaders of various companies came together on June 24, 2021 and shared their take on the effects of the global pandemic towards businesses through an online forum. The main goal of this event was to highlight the important factor for businesses to stay alive and and keep on growing amid the COVID-19 pandemic and share them globally.

And its not just businesses. The Esports industry is also expected to grow more as more and more people turn to gaming for leisure and business. In the Philippines, mobile gaming is already a $468M industry as presented by Tier One Entertainment CEO Tryke Gutierrez.

Multiple businesses like Prosperna, headed by Dennis Velasco, are providing platforms for businesses owners to easily manage their small business and scale it slowly but surely. With this Mr. Dennis gave free tips on how to grow a business namely: content managing, build your brand, and build trust. Telco companies like PLDT, are also providing the Filipino people with digital solutions like cloud platforms made affordable through subscription-based plans.

Huge companies like Google have also made its mission to help those small-time resellers and homebased business to grow and scale during the pandemic. According to Ms. Bernadette Nacario, Country Director of Google, they have already trained over 30,000 small business owners with the help of their partner, DTI.

When the leaders were asked if there is a way to get things back to normal and traditional way, the answer was clear. There is no going back. And it’s not because going back to normal is impossible, it’s because a more digitally-inclined world gives everybody an equal opportunity to pursue the business market; it is convenient and a necessity. This fact should be recognized by the government and legal remedies should be known by business owners as well.

Final reminders from these leaders is a change of mindset.


The event was led by Richard Mills, presented by LBC Business Solutions with Major Sponsors Multisys Technologies, PLDT Enterprise, and Regus | Spaces on Thursday June 24.