Integrated Development Studies Institute on the Duterte Administration's Last 5 Years

"Yung mga kritiko ay tumitingin lang sa isang parte, [...] nalilimutan nilang maraming-marami nagawa si President Duterte na hindi nagawa ng iba," said IDSI Director George Sy in discussing the Duterte Administration's achievements in the last 5 years.

Director Sy highlighted Free College Education, Free Healthcare, the Build Build Build projects and the record of 8 million tourists worldwide among the many achievements of the #DuterteLegacy before the pandemic in the program Radyo Bandido TV.

Below is the complete list of President Rodrigo Duterte according to the Integrated Development Studies Institute:

  • Free college education

  • Free healthcare, 911 Emergency hotline, and 100+ Malasakit Centers

  • Thousands of new roads nationwide through Build, Build, Build program

  • Record billions of new investments and millions of new jobs for Filipinos

  • Credit upgrade and rural development

  • Manila Bay and Boracay rehabilitation

  • Record 8 million tourists

  • Lower crime rates nationwide

  • One-stop service for OFWs and new labor protection

  • Record high tax collections

  • Billions of new investments from China, Japan, ASEAN, India, Europe, and the US

  • Expanded relations with the US, Japan, Russia, ASEAN, China, India, and more

  • Peace in the South China Sea, no war with China

  • Solved Marawi Crisis, preventing the Philippines from becoming an ISIS state

  • Land distribution to poor farmers nationwide

  • Removed taxes for basic earners

  • Higher salaries for nurses, teachers, police, and soldiers

  • Extended Drivers License validity to 5 years and Passport validity to 10 years

  • Peace process

  • 1M+ surrendered or arrested under the Drug War leading to much safer streets


Director Sy also highlighted that the Philippines almost became an ISIS state citing the 2017 Marawi crisis but was avoided by the administration who requested aid from China and Russia. These countries donated emergency weapons that helped stop the siege. The IDSI director also brought into the discussion the benefits of the Philippine-China relations in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is the list of PH-China benefits according to the Integrated Development Studies Institute:

  • China donated billions in medical supplies and vaccines to millions of Filipinos and frontliners, when the richer Western nations blocked vaccine exports (only later released after they hoarded multiple times more than what their whole population needed)

  • Helped 50+ PH Air Force enter China for medical supplies, when other countries were hijacking supplies

  • 15 billion pesos AIIB loan for the local vaccine program

  • Donations for infrastructure, providing jobs and skill training for thousands of Filipino workers

  • Billions of dollars worth of new investments and low-interest loans

  • US$100 million donation for bridges

  • US$100 million loan forgiven

  • Donated emergency weapons for Marawi crisis

  • ₱1.2B loan for Marawi reconstruction

  • ₱70B fund for Manila project & bus system

  • Offered 60% for PH on joint development while the US offered 10% in Malampaya

  • Donated classrooms, rehab centers, equipment, and more.

Find the full video of the interview here:


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