Marcos vows protection of media under his govt

PRESIDENT Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. on Wednesday renewed his commitment to protect and uphold the rights of journalists in the country.

Marcos made the statement two days after the shooting in Las Piñas of radio broadcaster Percival Mabasa, better known as Percy Lapid.

In his speech during the President's Night organized by the Manila Overseas Press Club in Pasay City, the President recognized the crucial role of the press "in building an active citizenry — one that contributes to the development of our society."

He said the nation counts on the media in improving access to information and increasing awareness on issues that affect our country and the world.

"Under my lead, we will support and protect the rights of the media as they efficiently perform their duty. Whatever difficulties we may encounter from this point on, the government will always be ready to lend an ear and to listen to your concerns and to answer all that you may want to know," Marcos said.

"We will not be your leader but we will be your partner, as we work together to see the full promise of the Filipino nation fulfilled in the days and in the years ahead," he added.

The President also promised that he would continue to articulate his administration's plans with the members of the media, especially the Manila Overseas Press Club.

"As I share your club's conviction in the importance of upholding the universal right of free speech and press freedom as well as giving and receiving accurate information, I'm committed to remain open with you, constantly communicating our progress as we move forward," Marcos said.

"I urge you to effectively communicate to the public the government's efforts and initiatives towards our country's development. This is the partnership that we must --- another partnership that we must continue to strengthen," he added.



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