President Rodrigo Duterte has maintained his excellent trust ratings despite the slight drops in the latest polls. How is the President faring compared with the previous administration?

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s (PRRD’s) ratings may have seen a minor decline in the past months, but the public trust he has earned remains high. The Social Weather Stations (SWS) and Pulse Asia surveys conducted on September 24-27 and September 25-October 1, respectively, show an average dip of six percentage points. Despite these, PRRD’s current ratings still fall under the ‘excellent’/’big’ trust marks.

The trust scores of PRRD and former president Benigno Simeon Aquino III (BSA) share the same trends. SWS surveys, however, reflect notable differences in the degree of movement, as shown in the following graph:

BSA started off with a ‘very good’ trust score prior to his election. This moved up to an ‘excellent’ mark before his inauguration, eventually going back to a ‘very good’ rank. PRRD’s trust ratings, on the other hand, were first ‘moderate,’ surging to ‘excellent’ after his election. This was sustained until before his first 100 days.

Meanwhile, the Pulse Asia surveys reflect ‘big trust’ for both leaders in their first four months. BSA scored 83 in July 2010, followed by a rating of 78 in October 2010; PRRD got 90.8 in July, succeeded by an 86 percentage mark in October.

SWS records reveal that most of the former presidents garnered their highest trust ratings in survey periods outside of their presidential terms. Among the past chief executives, only BSA’s highest trust rating reached the ‘excellent’ mark.

With the exceptional scores of PRRD thus far, will he be an exception? Will he deliver and retain the people’s trust? #TiwalaLang

Sources: SWS and Pulse Asia surveys